Monday, May 31, 2010

Marvin is soooo sleepy today. He was out celebrating Memorial day all night doing cat stuff. He had lint on his head and dirt on his fur and was so tired he just found some pillows to sleep it off.

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Treat For Mom

It was Good Friday and company was coming to the house. Mom had cleaned everything and kept moving stuff. I think she was helping Marvin find his treat from the other day!

You see, Marvin has a hole he made in the kitchen screen door. He can come and go anytime he wants! He loves to catch mice and birds as you know and leave them for the family to enjoy.

The other day he brought a big fat mouse into the house and played with it a long time in the family room. The boy had left the door open and didn't even know about the game. The mouse got away and Marvin had been wondering about it quite a bit but finally just took a nap on the chair waiting to see if it might show up later on. It never did.

Mom called the gas man yesterday. He had gadgets and took apart the fireplace looking for a posible gas leak because Mom was sure she smelled gas and Dad agreed. Nobody found any leaking gas which was a big relief.

This morning while cleaning for the upcoming visitors Mom started moving everything and after watching her crawling around on the floor like a fool she moved the stereo cabinet and started screaming. It was soooo funny! She'd found my mouse friend. Marvin tried to help her and show her how to make it play but she put him outside instead.

The boy got up and took the mouse outside and he had a shovel. He was complaining but mom seemed really happy later and the house did smell nice after that.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clean Litter

Well Mom bought me a whole new giant bag of cat food and I know something is up - I think those other humans that love me so much are coming to my house to visit.

Mom has all kinds of warm clothes coming out of the dryer for me to sleep on today and nothing smells like fish anywhere which is a little disappointing but warm clothes to sleep in are great. The best news of all is my cat box got cleaned early!

I heard her cleaning it out and I played in the fresh litter a long time and even made sure to leave some on the floor by the litter box so she would know how much I like it!!

I love you Mom,



Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maybe I'll eat mice

Yo! This is me Marvin. That darned dog Ralph has been stealing my delicious Purina One Salmon & Tuna Catfood that Mom just bought for me! I bit his ear but he still won't stop doing that.

The boy, Ben, saw him eating from my fish shaped dish yesterday even though he had his own food. I hope he tells Mom. I'm going out hunting today. It's nice outside so maybe I'll eat some mice heads. They are the best. I save the rest of the bodies for Mom and Dad. I know they like them because I left some for them last week and they took them away with them when they left.

I am a great hunter!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Friend Ralph

Marvin's very best friend is Ralph the Dog. Ralph is a Golden Retriever who is getting pretty old. Marvin likes to take naps with Ralph and pretend that he is his long lost Mommy. Sometimes Marvin even sucks on Ralph's fur.

Ralph had a bath yesterday. He is extra soft and smells better than usual. Here is a picture of Ralph and Marvin.

Baby Marvin

Marvin posted this photo from his younger days. Seems everyone on the internet wants to post pictures from 10 years ago!

Sleeping Good

Marvin the cat is sleeping good today! Rainy Chicago Saturdays are the best for this after hunting all night long. Sleeping with Mom got boring really fast. Finally Marvin woke everyone else up and then he went to sleep on the ottoman so everyone could watch. teeehhheeeeheee
Marvin is soo smart!
Humans sleep in their beds alone. Cats sleep on couches and ottomans with everyone around to admire their beauty and keep them safe and..if they start eating anything good the Cats can be there in a minute.
Marvin loves Saturdays! He is dreaming that he can help Mom make the bed soon. It's going to be a great cat day!